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Welcome from the Head Master

Dear Parents and Students,

I am both delighted and honoured by the opportunity to lead the British School of Ulaanbaatar.  We wish to see the School stand proud as a beacon of academic excellence alongside learning the life lessons of lasting impact and great worth: self-discipline, integrity of character, care for others, and a sense of values which must permeate every aspect of a child’s time here.  I love living and working internationally both for the challenge it brings and the exposure my family gets from such a lifestyle which I am convinced is the way of the future.  As such, I aim to see all our children at BSU confident to take their rightful place amongst the best and the brightest, able to work at any level in any part of the world.

A child’s time at school must be a period of growth for each individual to explore their mind's full potential.  Education does not only take place in the classroom but on the sports pitch, performing on stage or exploring in the field, and so I encourage all members of the School community at BSU to take and face risks, develop existing interests and explore new ones via full participation in the life of the School.  Such experiences combine to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a globally mobile, competitive world. 

For any school to be successful, it must act in open and honest partnership with families.  Communication is at the heart of this, and in that spirit, I have an open-door policy to all our parents and hope you will come and discuss your child’s experience and progress with me.  I look forward to the opportunity to speaking with you personally.

Mr Jonathan Warner

Welcome from the Head Master