School Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy
  • Students are expected to maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times.
  • All students must wear full and correct school uniform when attending school.
  • The correct kit must be worn for all PE or sports activities.
  • Students should ensure all items of uniform, PE kits and bags are marked clearly with their owner’s name.
ShirtWhite-long sleevedBlouseWhite-long sleeved
BlazerNavy blue with school logoBlazerNavy blue with school logo
JumperNavy blue with school logo. 
Jumper does not replace blazer
JumperNavy blue with school logo.
Jumper does not replace blazer.
TieBSU navy and orange tieTieBSU navy and orange tie
TrousersDark greySkirt/PinaforeDark grey
ShoesBlack flat shoes-no trainers or boots and no colour or logo to be seenShoesBlack flat shoes-no trainers or boots and no colour or logo to be seen
SocksBlack, white, navy or greyTights/SocksDark grey, navy, black or white
PE Kit
  • The school PE kit must be worn for all PE lessons.
  • On the day of PE children in Years 1 – 6 can wear their PE kit all day.
  • All other year groups should bring the PE kit to school and change before and after the lesson.
  • Shoes should be plain black and should be a style which does not mark the floors. They should not have any colour on nor have a logo visible (eg Addidas).
  •  Suede or patent leather shoes/boots or any other type of shoes/boots with coloured stitching will not be accepted.
  • The shoes worn may be lace-up type shoes, shoes with buckles, shoes with Velcro or loafers.
  • Girls’ shoes may be no higher than one and a half inches.
  • Boots can be worn on the way to and from school but should be changed once inside.
  • It is suggested that a pair of black dress shoes and clean non marking running shoes should be left at the school.
  • Hair must be neat and conservative. Extreme hairstyles will not be permitted.
  • What is deemed to be extreme will be at the discretion of the school. Failure to comply with the school ruling will be grounds for disciplinary action.
  • No unnatural hair colours will be accepted (i.e. pink, green, purple)
  • Ribbons or barrettes should be simple and should coordinate with the school uniform and colours.
  • Necklaces are permissible and should be discreet and worn beneath clothing and not be seen.
  • Chokers of any kind are not allowed, due to the fact that they cannot be concealed beneath the student’s clothing.
  • No rings can be worn.
  • Earrings - Only small keepers are acceptable i.e. one stud in each ear.
  • Any other type of visible body piercing is not acceptable and will be grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Girls may wear only clear nail polish.
  • Make-up is not allowed.
  • Girls will be asked to remove polish and make-up.
  • Body art or tattoos anywhere on the body will constitute grounds for disciplinary action.