Opening Ceremony 2019-2020


On Monday 19th August 2019, the British School of Ulaanbaatar held the Opening Ceremony for the new academic year 2019-2019. 

The Executive Head of School, Ms Karen Mort, spoke to open the ceremony: 

“It is an honour for me to speak today as we open the school for the next academic year at a very exciting time in its growth and development, and following significant investment in the facilities over the summer.

This year we have created new classrooms resourced with the latest ICT equipment to support learning. Improvements in IT include 96 new computers throughout the school and 1400 new books to support learning and stock the school library. In addition to this, we have also refurbished our reception area, designed new meeting and staff rooms and created new play areas for students. The School Doctor and a newly created medical centre will support student wellbeing in school and support in achieving our commitment to educate the child as a whole, developing their academic and their personal skills to the full.

We will continue to improve the delivery of the British National Curriculum and I am delighted to announce improvements in the Mongolian Curriculum with the appointment of new colleagues to ensure that it is delivered to the highest standards. This will enable students to follow GCSEs and A-Levels in addition to the Mongolian Diploma and Mongolian University Entrance Examinations.

Our sixth form students graduated from the school with high academic honours again over the summer with one outstanding student achieving four A* and one A Grade, we are delighted for Misheel Ganzorig. 97% of all GCSE entries were successful. 28% of GCSE entries were A or A* Grades which is higher than the global average. These are the best results the school has ever achieved. For the first time in our history, we can celebrate the success of primary students in Checkpoint examinations.

We will continue to ensure that the BSU adopts best practice approaches to teaching and learning with differentiated opportunities that ensure our students are at the heart of the education process. In addition to securing high academic standards, it is important to us that they develop as lifelong learners with an understanding of their heritage and transferable skills that will enable them to flourish in an ever changing world.”

We were honoured to receive a most distinguished guest to the opening ceremony, the British Ambassador to Mongolia, His Excellency Philip Malone, LVO, welcomed students to the new, exciting academic year ahead and shared with us memories from his own school years. Throughout his speech, he emphasised the importance of education as a foundation for success, and encouraged our young people to appreciate the value of education from a broader perspective, including the principles of respect, compassion, responsibility, patience, aspiration, curiosity and resilience. 

“Good morning everyone. It is a pleasure to be with you here today. I’m grateful to the Head of School, Karen Mort and the School Governing Board for inviting me to say these few words.

Today is the first day of the 2019/2020 academic year. For some of you, it will be your first day at the British School in Ulaanbaatar, perhaps even your very first day at any school. To you in particular, a very warm welcome. 

For others, it will be your first day in a new grade or perhaps your first day in middle or high school. And for the lucky ones, it will be the start of your very last year of school, though no cheering just yet as it is your most important year too! 

Whichever of these apply, I hope you are all really excited and looking forward to this next chapter in your school lives.

It is a long time since I was at school but I still remember the anticipation when I started a new school year. Who would my classmates be? Would I have the nice teachers or the nasty ones? Would we have more play time this year? Would the school meals be any better? And so on and so forth….

Thankfully, schools are much friendlier places nowadays and school meals certainly much better than when I was at school! I’m sure you won’t have the same sorts of concerns as I had. 

But I imagine it is still a prospect both exciting and daunting as you sit there waiting for the new year to begin.

The most important thing to remember and certainly one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that, regardless of your age (and I include parents and teachers in this) education is the most important thing in your life and is the foundation of everything. If you get education right, then you will get right everything else you ever do in life.

And I mean education in the broadest sense. Not just the academic and other learning you receive at school. But the social education you will receive, learning about and practising important values and life skills such as respect, responsibility, tolerance, understanding, hard work, resilience, curiosity, self-motivation, compassion and so on.

That’s a long and challenging list but the good news is that they are not just down to you as students to accomplish. Parents and teachers are also responsible to help you develop these values and skills as you pass through your school years. So make sure you work them hard to help you achieve excellence while of course making your own best efforts!

The end result of all this will enable you to achieve your full potential, your ambitions in life and to make a positive contribution to the world around you.

But school is not just about these serious things. It is also a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and enjoy things you really love doing whether that be sport, or music or art. And you will of course make life-long friendships. I am still in touch with some of my school friends after nearly 50 years!

So rejoice in having the opportunity to attend a school such as this one and all that it offers. Make the most of your time here and be the very best version of yourself. Above all, stay positive, energised and excited about your education and learning both today and for the rest of your lives.  ”

Please see the highlights of our opening ceremony 2019-2020 from the video below.

During the Opening Ceremony, we revealed our school’s new logo to parents and students to signify a new era in the history and development of the school.