House system

At BSU we believe in teamwork and cooperation amongst our student body and staff. As part of this development the school runs a House system similar to many you would find in UK schools. All students and teachers are placed into a House which they remain in during their time at BSU. Throughout the year we have House competitions in sports, creative writing and other school based areas of life. The school also celebrates House Colour days and assemblies.

Every student is placed into one of the 4 houses. Each week our students can gain House points as part of their contribution to school life. This may be helping somebody, being polite or completing a set goal. In Primary House points are linked to the Class Dojo. House Captains and Vice Captains represent each class.

BSU is represented by 4 Houses. The Houses are based on the Patron Saints of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The House colours represent the colours of the regions: England is red; Northern Ireland is green; Scotland is blue and Wales is yellow.