Bus Transportation

The buses are clean and comfortable and all buses undergo regular safety checks.  In addition, it is the School’s policy to ensure regular and thorough cleaning both inside and outside the vehicles, aiming to provide a service of maximum comfort and safety.

The school offers a bus service on 8 routes around Ulaanbaatar and details and enquiries can be made through 
Miss Odgerel on 8990-7788 or by email general@britishschool.edu.mn

Each bus will have a designated route (see the pictures below) with the specific pick-up and drop-off points en route. Details regarding collection are specified in the Code of Conduct and in the handbook. We recommend all children are picked up and dropped off by a responsible adult at the designated stop. In Primary School it is an expectation of all parents and children.

On each bus there will be an assigned bus monitor/teaching assistant who will assist with the loading/unloading of children. They will also ensure safety procedures are being followed as well as monitor behaviour on the bus. The bus monitors will also inform the school if there are any delays en route and then administration will inform parents if required.

Parents using the service will be required to read the bus Code of Conduct and then complete the bus registration form along with bus contract. A copy of the school’s bus procedure handbook is available here.