Our school

BSU Vision, Value and Aims

Mission Statement“To educate global citizens in pursuit of personal excellence in an ever evolving community to become lifelong learners.”
The School’s Mission

The mission of the British School of Ulaanbaatar is to provide its students with a learning environment and curriculum that meets international standards. The subjects of the National Curriculum of England and Wales will be taught in the English language, and the subjects of Mongolian language, literature and history and culture will be taught in the Mongolian language in accordance with the educational standards of Mongolia.

The School creates a favourable environment in which its students work towards the requirements of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), the General Certificates of Education (Advanced level) of the United Kingdom. BSU offers our Mongolian students the opportunity to develop skills in their native language, history and culture. From May 2016 BSU advanced level students will be awarded equivalency verification from the Mongolian Ministry of Education which means that our graduating students who wish to attend Mongolia universities can do so without having to sit the Mongolian General Certificate. The qualifications they pass at advanced level at BSU will equate with the General Educational Certificate of Mongolia. Our curriculum equips them with the skills and the knowledge to continue education at the next level alongside their fellow students from other countries. BSU students will become thriving global citizens respecting national traditions and customs, proud of national values and committed and inspired to take a significant part in global development.

Our ValuesEvery person at BSU is encouraged to be:
  • Respectful to all
  • Interested in learning
  • Tidy and well presented
  • Independent learners
  • Sensible and well mannered
  • Honest and reliable
Our Aims✓  Provide academic excellence

✓  Encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning

✓  Equip children with the critical thinking skills necessary for academic achievement

✓  Offer challenge in every child’s learning programme

✓  Develop independent learning

✓  Provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs of all our children

✓  Provide a school experience that is happy, meaningful and purposeful

✓  Recognise the potential in all our learners

✓  Prepare children for a rapidly evolving and ever changing society

✓  Provide a stimulating environment

✓  Develop patterns of behaviour which are socially and morally acceptable

✓  Value qualities such as honesty, cooperation, tolerance, responsibility and mutual respect

✓  Create a positive and cooperative relationship with parents

✓  Celebrate achievement