BSU Football Team at the Gothia Cup 2019


BSU participated in the Gothia Cup, hosted in China, for the third year. The opening ceremony of 2019 event was held at Qingdao Agricultural University Stadium when more than 7,000 footballers and hundreds of performers joined the show.

Each year we have improved our performance and progressed to higher rounds in the competition and so our thanks and praise are extended to everyone supporting our football team and associated with training and preparing for the event. This year 15 students attended the tournament from BSU, with the support of Orgisaikhan Bayarmagnai, their coach and member of the BSU Staff, and parents, to whom we extend our thanks. Our congratulations go to our students who reached the quarter finals of this challenging competition. They qualified for the quarter finals following a series of tough games, and a tightly played quarter final where the score was 1 – 0 against us when the whistle was blown. The standard of competition was high, demanding of their skills and levels of fitness, so we are proud to celebrate their success and significant accomplishment in reaching the final stages of the tournament. Well Done to all!