Admission Procedures

A Step by Step GuideHere is a step-by-step guide to enrol your child into the British School of Ulaanbaatar for the school year 2017-2018.

For all further enquiries, please contact us via email at or call us on 976-70047788 / 976-89907788.

1. Check eligibility

The British School of Ulaanbaatar has an academically non-selective enrolment policy. However, we use the following criteria before enrolment to ensure that we meet the needs of all students of each class. Please consider these criteria before beginning the registration process.

Year Group Eligibility

Age by 1 SeptemberYear GroupKey StageMongolian Grade Level
3Pre-schoolEarly Years Foundation StageNursery
4ReceptionEarly Years
Foundation Stage
5Year 1Key stage 1Kindergarten
6Year 2Key stage 11
7Year 3Key stage 22
8Year 4Key stage 23
9Year 5Key stage 24
10Year 6Key stage 25
11Year 7Key stage 36
12Year 8Key stage 37
13Year 9Key stage 38
14Year 10Key stage 49
15Year 11Key stage 410
16Year 12Key stage 511
17Year 13Key stage 512

It is not required that all students be fluent in English and English as Additional Language (EAL) classes will be given to those children who require additional support. However, since all subjects are taught in English, the school will make and assessment of spoken and written English skills of new students and there will be an expectation that to gain entry, each child will have knowledge of the English language. Children entering the school in Year 4 and above must have a reasonable command of spoken and written English. 


Our school year groups are determined in accordance with the National Curriculum of England and Wales without exception. Please see the table above in order to determine the appropriate age group for your child.

2. NationalityWe welcome a mix of nationalities in the student body and do not have a priority for any nationality. Nationality is determined on the basis of the passport held by the student. If there is no place when application is made, the student will be placed on a waiting list.
3. Contact AdmissionsThe next step is to contact us at or
call us at 976-70047788 or 976-89907788 to ascertain eligibility, check on space allocations for the relevant year group and, if possible, to organise a visit to gather further information.
4. Application requirementsAn application will only be accepted for an entrance test if the following requirements are met:
Entrance Testing
Step 1:

Parents collect an application form from Admissions. This application must be completed and the required documents must be added when returning it to Admissions.

  • Application form complete and signed
  • Copy of the passports of the student and both parents or the legal guardian
  • Medical and immunisation record
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Four recently taken passport-size photographs of the student
  • Copy of the student's previous school reports in English or Mongolian
  • Reference form filled out from the previous school

You will also be required to pay the USD $150 non-refundable registration fee
You will be notified of a test date for your child (if applicable)
Please download the Application Form from the School Website (link below) or ask our Admissions department for an application package. 

All documents are required before a child enters the school.

Step 2:

When the school has received the completed application and documentation it will be reviewed and booked for an entrance test and/or an interview. Parents will be notified. 

For overseas applications, parents will have to request to their child's current school that the test be administered there. When this has been agreed, we will forward the test to the school. 

Step 3: 

In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 the child, along with the parents, will attend a meeting between the parent, the Coordinator and the child. All other students will take a test in English and Mathematics and this will be administered by BSU staff. The different styles and tests are used to ensure the child is ready and at the correct level for learning within BSU. Coordinators at this stage will make the decision to accept or reject an application and the recommendation is passed to the Principal for approval.

Step 4:

Once the student’s application has been given approval for acceptance to BSU, Admissions will contact the parents to confirm a place in the school. At this stage Admissions will also issue the start date, a payment invoice and other relevant information regarding the home/school agreement, handbook, bus and uniform.

Step 5:

School fees must be paid to the Accountant before the child can begin school. The student will then be placed into the correct class. 

* Please note, all new students will start on the Monday of the following week in order that the class teacher can prepare for a new student in the class. 

Before being admitted into the class you will be required to:

  • Complete the Home/School Agreement 
  • Complete the Medical Allergies form
  • Pay all fees as requested 
Re-testingThe school does not encourage re-testing, however, it will review an application if:
  • The entrance test is close to pass mark
  • The student has or will agree to take a home tutor to improve their English as well as taking on English as an Additional Language in school
  • There are other siblings in the school though this does not guarantee a place 
ReservationThe school must operate within acceptable educational limits and we aim to provide a positive outcome for all children and parents. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the British School of Ulaanbaatar on the following grounds:
  • If the year group appropriate to the applicant is already full. 
  • If in our professional judgement, the applicant is not suited to the programme which the school offers.