Academic Results

This summer has seen a record breaking year for exam results at BSU. In IGCSE Mathematics over 93% of students achieved A*-C grades, which is 20% higher than the Cambridge global average figures, making BSU the most successful provider of Maths IGCSE in Mongolia.
The ‘A’ Level results were an improvement on 2018. In History where 100% of AS (Year 12) students achieved an A-C grade and in English Literature 60% of students achieved an A-C grade (the global average is 36% in English), Well Done to our students.  Again, Mathematics performed highly with 100% of students passing AS and A Level Further Maths. A Level Physics saw an A*-C pass rate of 88% compared with a 66% global pass rate. 
One student, who won a scholarship to study at BSU in 2017 achieved 5 A Levels, which included four A* grades and one A grade. We are delighted that she has secured a place at one of the UK's top universities; St Andrew's. We are pleased to congratulate all our students on their success, thank our parents and teachers for their support and wish our graduates well for the future. 

Last year, 2018-2019, was the first year that students in Year 6 completed the Primary Cambridge Checkpoint Tests. Here are the results and our achievements:

  • Just over 75% of our students performed at the expected level or better in Mathematics.
  • 38% of students, including 47% of all the girls, achieved a scaled score between 5.0 and 6.0 in Mathematics (the highest scaled score possible). 
  • Just under 90% of students performed at the expected level or better in English as a Second Language.
  • 100% of boys performed at the expected level or better.

We are incredibly proud of the students' achievement and we hope to build upon this in 2019-2020.